Brian Wilson, Richard Taafe and Willy Driver checking the Wire on The Horseshoe
Brian Wilson Patrolling Along the Wire on the Horseshoe

About Brian Wilson
Old Soldier (70). Still married to childhood sweatheart. Two daughters, one granddaughter and one brand-new grandson. Body is weary. Mind is tiring. Still more War Stories to tell. Any/all encouragement gratefully accepted.


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  2. I honor you sir. Thanks for serving.The way you have related this story is brilliant. I could fill in all the blanks. All you had to do….is jûst read between the lines. No I did not serve. I did not avoid it or hide. They just never knocked on my door. Take Care

    • thanks for the toughts/comments, Ni Ill…My readers and comments are rare…and much appreciated. Brian

  3. Thank you Brian for sharing. And thank you for your service. It is not forgotten.

    • Hi Marty…thank you for the sentiment..and thanks for reading my stories. I had some interest from some authors in the US…they want me to “energise” the stories and make them suitable for publishing…by this they mean inserting dialogue between us guys in the bush…and maybe more action generally. When I wrote the stories I deliberately just wanted to get the bones of the story down for my family etc…more dialogue etc would mean identifying some of the guys more than I have done, and without their permission, I did not want to do that. I’ll have to make my mind up soon, because I feel the slowing down of age (see my comments above to Diego)…and most of my mate are dead now and somehow I would want their permission to identify them in a specific action etc…anyways…Im very happy to have you read and comment. thank you. Merry Xmas Marty. brian

  4. My name is diego. im twelve years old thank you for erving

    • Hi Diego…you may never see this note…it is long in coming….I have negrlected my site for a couple of years…but how kind of you to read my stories..and to write to me. I hope you are growing strong and well…lots of reading an sport, I hope. Go well Diego…Brian

  5. My name is Diego. Im twelve years old thank you for serving

    • Hi Diego…sorry I have been so long in replying to you. I have had some trouble getting into my website!..all OK now. I’m not as savvy with these things as you young folks. I really do appreciate your comments…I have some more stories just waiting to be written,…but at 73 I am finding it hard to get up the energy. I have recently had my right knee replaced…that makes both knees plus my right ankle all replaced. I am becoming the bionic man! Justr getting back to walking again. Stay well Diego…and stick to your school studies…your efforts and achievements this year and the next 2-3 years will determine how happy you will be when you get old and slow down…so dig in deep and give it all you’ve got. Dont be afraid to ask the teacher for personal advice….or even more work! if its a topic you like. Merry Xmas Diego. Brian

  6. Served in the Canadian military and then went to the doomed Rhodesian army.

    I served in combat about the same time as you though far away.

    You and I fought the good fight against the ideologe invaders.

    Good for you.

    • HI John…sorry I’ve been more than late replying….only just now started to look at my site again…Nice to hear ther are (were) other young guys like me…I seeme to have everything and yet went looking for more…and I’m glad I did…probably like you, the stint in the military (and in a war) changed me forever..for the better I think…now…at 76, I dont regret a minute of it. I hope your life is as settled and serene as mine.

      warm regards…brian

  7. consists of the book itself

    • not sure what this means ??

  8. from lat. manus – “hand” and scribo – “I write”) ]

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